Friday, November 9, 2012

Our Big Gnome

As many of you know, Brian (our big gnome) has ended his long painful struggle with cancer and passed away earlier this week.    Brian fought a hard battle with cancer and was able to use humor and support from family and friends to continue forward day after day.  The benefit concert in August was a huge success and the financial and moral support for the Condie family was unbelievable.  With that being said, Elisha and the girls still need your help.  If you are able, please help us continue to support the Condie family by donating on this website.  Thank you again for all your love and support!!!

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Brian Condie

As many of you know Brian has been fighting metastatic colo-rectal cancer for over three years now. The original site of the tumor was operated on and actually cured, however, due to the crafty nature of this beast, it had already spread to both of his lungs and liver. With this metastatic state, Brian will require on going chemo treatment now for the rest of his life.

As you may know this is something that is an ongoing difficult challenge for the Condie family and you can only imagine the pain and suffering of Chemo for three years!! It is harrowing to actually hear Brian describe what it feels like going through these treatments, however somehow he keeps good humor through it all. Successful efforts have been put together in the past to help the Condie family, which were complete blessing. However, the family is still in need more than ever. Please come and support this cause with our foundation.